How to Stop Yourself from doing what you really want

It’s the easiest thing to do. In fact, it’s almost our default attitude. Not for you, maybe? But for me, yes it was, specially if it conflicts with my current interest.

To put it simply, just focus on the things that will put you to shame, rejection, depression, stress, anxiety, and other bad thoughts. You may also relate it to the past events that’s no longer valid.

It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? It’s pretty easy too! Just that, you’re not only stopping why you really want, but you’re also stopping the thing that you’re currently doing. You get distracted and then you become less productive, inefficient and most of all, angry of yourself for focusing on the negative side of the coin.

Push yourself too hard doing something you want while thinking of something bad that’s going to happen. It’s the best way to become a real psychopath. Focus on shame, fear, guilt, and act like a stone. Wear a mask and act like someone you are not, in short, deny your current self.

It’s pretty easy, it’s the easiest thing to do. It’s like acting without being paid for it. How sad we’re not paid actors and actresses, it’s a total waste of our time, effort and energy. So yeah, I’d better forget what you learn from here, you already knew about this anyway.

Here’s the best way to procrastinate, just keep on complaining, you are really helping your ugly thoughts to become stronger. Feed your pain with revenge and you’ll really create marvelous excuses not to do something good.

Oh too bad, now you want to know how to make yourself do what you really want? Ayah! Of course you do, here Read this “How to help yourself achieve your goals.” Link to follow.

Published by Roselyn

Hi! I'm Roselyn! The first and only daughter of my father. He's a farmer and I am so proud of him for raising me and accepting me as his own. I believe that Broken families are meant to be broken for good. As a product, I always feel in-secured about family coz I think I don't have one and I am left alone; but the truth is, I still have them, they just went separate ways and I just have to accept that and move on. It's my only insecurity, I have no place to call my home coz my parents doesn't have one. They're broken after all. I'm going to make a family and it will start with me.

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