How to deal with people who doesn’t trust you

Trust is very important but sadly it’s not easy to get. It is something you cannot steal. It has to be earned with consistency and of course commitment to consistency. Most importantly, it’s only temporary because of change. You have to constantly do something to achieve that tempo.

Patience is a virtue in earning trust. You cannot earn it overtime. You’ll have to keep showing it, you have to keep it open, and you have to be vulnerable.

It takes a lot of courage to do the best you can even if you think you really can’t make it. Trying itself and even saying YES to an unexpected and unknown thing, is a sign of faith, and if you have that, trust is easy to be given.

So, if you think someone doesn’t trust you yet, it’s because you’re not taking the risk of commitment. Commit yourself and do it, keep showing it, do not expect anything in return. Just do your part, keep improving yourself and eventually they’ll find a way to make them trust you.

The truth is, you cannot force someone to trust you, they’ll have to allow themselves to trust you. Some just trust to avoid physical pain, go with it even if they don’t like it, it’s like being a prostitute. Only a few says NO, like a NO NO NO and feel physical pain because it’s better than emotional pain, guilt of saying YES even if your answer is a big hell NO and a product of fear. But I learned from my CG teacher, she said, “If it’s not going to kill you, do it!” But she’s referring to work and good deeds. But the psychopath used that phrase to hurt others, it’s not going to kill them, it kills their victim.

But were not psychopaths, were good people, so let’s use it to do our best, the good things, pass your everything, achieve a lot of things. Reach your goals. Keep learning. Keep reading. Keep educating yourself. That’s how you handle people who doesn’t trust you.

And when they already trust you, now it’s up to you to trust them or not. Do not force yourself to trust them either, they must do something worth trusting for. It’s a fair game, isn’t it? And it’s Healthy too. Always do the right thing. If you want to be trusted. Don’t give your trust because life is a big test. They also don’t trust. They’re constantly checking on you.

But in dirty relationships, it’s not going to work out, the other will just take advantage of your craziness. That means, only crazy people trust. Hahaha. My cousin was right then. Kudos Boyet. Too bad she didn’t trust me when I told her she’s fine looking like his true self that he wants to change his figure into someone he isn’t made of.

Lesson learned from my own writing? Let the system change, don’t change your commitment to consistency, improvement, development, progress and most importantly kindness, knowledge, and expertise. “Always Trust Yourself and Yourself only.” Because in the end of the day, it’s just you and no one else will help you when you messed up because of their bad influence. I told you not to trust. People likes to play mind games, and if you fell for it, your fault.

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