Another cool thing got manifested. It’s awesome you’ll also love it. I was writing down the places I want to visit and then I moved on and let it sit. One day, I just woke up and see it happening so beautifully, like it’s magic. It is magic.

A lot have been manifested, all good things. I always let go and forgive those that make me angry. We want to be cool, we want to be a good manifestor or if we are to become a transmuter and a self healer, a self protector and a self lover.

Beautiful thoughts of you will make you beautiful. Thinking good and doing something for good will really reap good rewards. Happiness comes naturally so is money. When you do this, you’re way better than anything you know about you.

Recognize your uniqueness, comparison is a waste of time. Do what you need to do. Do something to help you get going. Live a life you want. Conquer all your fears it’s no longer needed; it’s like a break but you have the control of it; once you release it, noone can stop you from succeeding in everything you’re drawn to.

Life is a miracle and a gift that must be celebrated. You’re blessed with it, that’s what makes you very loved and accepted. Embrace it with gratitude, you deserved it. If you can take responsibility and decided to be happy with it, you’re good to go. What’s the point of holding back, you can’t learn anything without trying. The best lesson can only be experienced, it cannot be taught but felt.

If you’re still holding unto something and you can’t let it go, it’s because you’re too scared to experience feeling without it. But this James really tried living life without Naddie, so he would see himself without her, like for real. I mean, we can always return if we wanted to. People changes, but if you’re meant to be, you’ll always find a way back to each others company.

Try something new today, have fun, don’t force things, let it all fall into order. Let go of what must, specially the fear of growing up, what other people would say if you do this and that is totally up to them and based on their personally. People talk based on who they are so listen carefully in order to fully know them. I’m pretty sure, writing a lot about others pretty resonates what I’m feeling.

Scary as it sounds but it’s the truth that will set us free. We must let it be seen so that we can change it. Self awareness is the key to self change. You can become anything you want to become as long as you’re willing to let go or move on from something that you want to transition from.

Bringing up yourself to a different world can be a little bit crazy, sometimes you’ll feel empty but you just have to fill it in with good memories you had with the people you had traveled with, people who cares about good stuffs. I know it sounds creepy and so different, dreamy and too good to be true, you can’t believe it, but it’s true. It really happened. You weren’t just dreaming, it’s true.

Waking up from a lie feels different, but it’s normal. It’s beautiful, it’s real life living. You are not going to be the same again. Being honest let the other people wake up, then you will wake up as well, you become free by just being honest. The wrong people will change back to who they really are. Setting them free is setting you free.

-If you want freedom, set others free-

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