Getting out from my comfort zone #9 Weekend Getaway at Africa Restaurant, Wharf and BBQ place in Marigondon Lapu Lapu City

Second Week of June. It was a stressful week. I had so much in mind. I hear bad words, then I got triggered emotionally and it causes more fear in me. I forgive those people who have caused it and have intentionally did it to hurt me.

If it’s a test then they have succeeded but it’s not the end of the game just yet. I am still winning. You know why? Because my God is stronger than my own fear. I have dreams to pursue, so much plans in line. The narcissist is planning to hunt me down and come to her like a crying little baby begging for help.

But I am not that anymore. Yes, I got depressed most of the times whenever I hear a trigger, or whenever someone intentionally pushes the wrong button. It’s not easy to get back on tract once it is triggered. I hope they will be forgiven and I hope they won’t be hunt down by their own Karma. I still wish them well.

I know I am not winning if I am fighting, so I will let the Universe decide. What comes around comes back around. What you saw is what you reap. It wasn’t an easy week. It was full of struggles. I was mentally strained, I almost did not want to show up at my friends Bridal Shower! But after I went with these two! I changed my mind.

Thanks Love Birds!!! 😊

I will be bringing Soju on my friends Bridal Shower!!! πŸŽ‰ Thank you! I am telling you all, there is so much joy after every sadness and pain. I am just so blessed to have this kind of pattern. So when it happened again, I know good things will happen. These two always have my back.

My money’s only enough for a tricycle fair, but gut feeling told me to come out. My hands will not stop tapping me to get up and just show up. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat with them because it’s Sunday and I’m not allowed to transfer money from my account to my other account. In short, I had no cash on hand.

But, just like before, I would always show up, and she’s always so kind to share her food with me, and he’s been so supportive with her. But this time, I’ll pay them back the next day coz it’s Monday and now I got money. I just feel so loved and accepted and understood.

Oh look at that happy face! ☺️ I’m telling you, no matter what, I am still blessed! And it’s always.

She had me borrowed the dress and I kinda liked it, so I decided to just buy it. I hope she will sell it to me. My female cousin wants it so this will be useful for sure. Since Christmas is coming, I think it’s better to give little things that gentle hearts wants. Or maybe, i’ll just keep it coz I want it. It is really up to me.

Look how pretty that is! 😍

Patience is always, I was already hungry, I didn’t eat, they’re too kind to offer me money for me to borrow. We’re not super rich but we care and I guess in every little thing we’re doing comes back to us in so many ways! I am so like that.

I can be an angel to those who have the kindest heart to offer me when I have nothing. And such the opposite to those who wouldn’t. That is my Bliss and it wouldn’t change. I guess my mother-figure knew it, she’s not just good in giving me what I truly deserve because she doesn’t listen to my needs. She only care about what she wants for me and she only care about others family.

Oh well, life is just so like that. When the lucky charm is lost because of irresponsibility, life started turning up-side down, until they will realize that the real treasure they have gone for good, they have rejected and have taken for granted. In the end of the day, it all went good for me.

Today, I am again so happy and so blessed. I have met new people that are so kind to us all. Uplifting people. Inspiring people. Motivating people. Respectful people! And most of all, people who will taught me how to net to make my own.

I met three new people, all with the same oppeness and kindness. The other one was the owner of the Restaurant we’ve visited for picture taking. A tripping that Aish loves to do. The next one was the wife of a DJ she’s also very charming. The 3rd one was a comedian actor, he smells so good, and he’s so tall big and very humble with a loving and sparkling heart. We were very blessed. We were like fairies.

This Wharf Existed! I discovered this place and it’s the best place! πŸ₯³
At Night! Located Near Island Central πŸ₯³

Joy Riding was the best! Forever be grateful to the people who inspires me to be better every single day. There’s a home waiting for me. There are good people out there. I thought there were only bad once because that’s what they told me.

But when I started facing all my fears, these good people came out. It’s the most awesome experience I had! Many years ago, I thought there’s no such thing, but I met people who inspired me to keep myself open. People who showed me the truth.

P 199 Yummy!!!
Waffles P 320

The owner of Africa Restaurant is a korean and she’s the most prettiest and shining star I’ve met and seen yet. She’s very accommodating and friendly too. The place is really fancy! It was my first time and I was really amazed on how the place relaxes my body. The design and the stillness. It’s so vibrant.

Looking so good and so blessed here!!!

Their comfort room is located outside, I think that’s what makes it unique from the rest of the nice Korean restaurant I had been. It’s surrounded by plants so it’s really nice.

Their waffle made me feel so full! Like so full! And yet, we still have to eat our dinner somewhere. So JR choose a restaurant. We’re so lucky we’ve met the PBA Legend, Mr. Balingit. He’s also a comedian actor. Such a humble person.

We looked so cute here!

Happiness doesn’t care heights πŸ₯³. We’re the cutest, the luckiest and the happiest that day! Thank you so much Guys. It all happened because I went with only a penny for a tricycle ride. Today, soon as the bank opened, I paid it all! πŸ₯³ Then went to church to be thankful and grateful and be in peaceful surrounding for more release. Up next, “My College Classmates’ Bridal Shower“.

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I am a graduate in Business Administration major in Management Accounting but I'm not really practicing it 😁 It made me sound cool and I loved it. Although, I am still working with one of the most prestigious financial company in the entire Universe πŸ‘. But I will become a Certified Broker before I turn 40. I decided to take up Commerce before because it was something new to me; the mother side of the family have Nurses and I want to become a Doctor in Psychology now; a psychiatrist and I am my first patient 🀫, it's so natural to me; they're soldiers too, but I wasn't allowed to take the exam the last time I applied for PAF because of my myopia. The father side are into politics, I could have taken political science but it wasn't offered at my University back then but if it was offered, I still wouldn't get it because it's expensive and I was only a scholar back then; but mostly, on my father side, they're teachers. My father is a good farmer, I hope I can offer him something very important. He doesn't like school he choose to help his parents when he was young. He doesn't like school; he likes women πŸ˜‚ and my mother likes men πŸ˜‚, I mean, they liked dating more than putting themselves to school for whatever reasons, I don't believe it; they could have done it if they only choose it. I ended up pursuing the new way where it doesn't follow any of them; I can feel how they looked down at my parents because they haven't finished anything; they never stopped destroying them until my family's broken. So me, I graduated in Business Administration in which none of them have pursued; I wanted to become someone with a different attitude towards life; I'd rather not give than give out of pity. I am also into writing because they're not really into writing. I am into dancing because these people don't really dance. Singing is my natural born talent πŸ˜‚ but I'm just kidding. I have a book at Amazon KDP :; written mostly to thank those who have helped me grow spiritually. I finished my Caregiving Training from Feb 2019 to Jan 2020; then became a certified career since 2021. I am working on my personal business, to pursue my passion with a purpose to help spread good vibes. I am becoming successful in this kind of business, I claimed it, because I want to manifest it. I am a team player, I want to have fun. I am kindhearted, yes I am. I am beautiful inside and out, charot. I am a goal-oriented person. I am passionate in writing. I am passionate in sharing. I am in love in all new things. I am in love with JK's personality; he made me laugh out loud, it's so healing. I have great success in my academic side, my friend advised me to exaggerate little achievements to help me attract more of it 🀣. It's a mind trick. I have a good voice. I have a good sense of humor. I have passion. I have compassion. I have an attitude of gratitude. I have friends who's always with me in my ups and downs. I have an acting mother coz she likes acting dead, her broken-heart is dead 🀣 I have great support from the angels. I have a best friend who communicates with me telepathically. I have an eye in music and arts. I love to cook for me. I love to tell good news. I love to be of help. I love to help but not too much. I love to heal. I love to dance. I love to laugh. I love BTS. I love happy memories. I love new experiences. I love first time experiences. I love travelling. I love taking pictures of me and my coalleagues. It's called selfie πŸ˜›. I love being me, childish around close friends but I little distant with new acquaintances, I have trust issues πŸ˜‚. I love to contribute. I love to appreciate. I love to be of service. I love to work lightly. I practice tarot card reading; but actually, I just listened to them, I can learn from listening. I practice song writing, but these days I watch Joongkis movies 😁 he's such a good actor. I practice poem writing but I also stopped coz sometimes it's just boring. I don't care if you will bless me. I don't Care if you will love me and accept me for who I am and what I am not. I don't care if you will marry me or not but I hope you will, haha. I love wearing hanbok but I don't really have one. I don't care if you will praise me or not. I don't care, your choice! I will still be happy no matter what; even if it's just a joke. Aside from that, I really love Photography 🀭

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