Getting out from my comfort zone #8: My Solo Trip at Cebu Happy Museum in Cordova

I am working on getting out from my comfort zone challenge and this is the 8th time I believe, I still have to check it out.

So yesterday, Sunday morning, I woke up and dance a little. I had to post it at FB just for fun and fb partially muted it due copyright issue.

I got bored and decided to go to Hey Jude’s Burger right after attending the mass online. I arrived at Jude’s Burger place, thanks to Google maps! But it was closed.

I paid only P 20 via Jeepney going to Marigondon Crossing from the Mactan Marcelo Bridge. I walked and walked straight until I arrived at that place. Then I have to walk for 1 minute more to arrive at the exact place.

I proceeded to Happy Museum in Cordova and had to pay another P 20 for the motorcycle ride. I arrived so early so I entertained myself by wearing hanbok.

Welcome! 😉 Keep scrolling! 🥳

It’s one of my dreams and finally, yesterday, it happened. I did it goise! I can feel the itch of success and happiness. A dream come true is a goal come true and I am so proud of me.

Do I look like korean? 😁
Like a queen 👑 I am so proud of me, excuse me.
Look how grateful she looked like! 🥳 You’re welcome Mina!
Hi greatest self, I am so proud of you 🥳#selflove

For P 50 pesos, I had so much fun posing and feeling like I am really in korea. Luckily, the staffs were so good, one of them took those photos. The other one entertained me with good stories while waiting for the other staff that will entertain me.

She said stories about live bands at night until 10Pm and sometimes they will be home late like past 12:00 Midnight because there are still customers drinking. Sometimes the place gets flooded too when it rains.

But most of all, they have eat-all-you-can food as well as other restaurants owned by different owners. I thought I was going to eat first but other customers came and they went straight to the entrance, so I followed.

Beautiful 🥰

It’s the first museum I have been. The second will be Hybe in korea. So watch me Nae Nae 🥳. Four places have been manifested. To this date, all of my best wishes have been slowly manifested.

Now let’s see what happened to me inside.

So this is what’s going to happen when you travel alone.

Selfie with my hands coz no one else will 🤣 But I was very happy believe me!!! 🥳🥳🥳
There are instructions on how you position yourself.
It’s very beautiful believe me! 🥳🥳 my child self really had so much fun.
I’m the boss! 🎉🥳 #Feeler

Dancing was never absent, I’ll upload it in my FB page. I had so much fun and I am so proud of me that I arrived there alone, safe and sound, came back home safe and sound too.

The place of my favorite BTS members JK and Jiminah 🥳
If you are religious, there’s also a divine place for everyone.
Timer worked this time! 🥳

There’s so much more to see and so much more waiting for you. I encourage you to also visit and just have fun. The kids will be so happy and so entertained.

Like adults had so much fun, the kids and child-like me will really love it, highly recommended. It was an honor to be there and a good decision to visit the place.

She really felt like feeding! 🥳
Introducing the wishing bell? I wished to get married and it didn’t sound, but when I wished to see JK of BTS it sounds! 😂 That was a relief? 🥳
My dream house everybody! 🥳

I had more than enough fun and it’s time for me to celebrate 🥳. I went outside and choose amongst the many restaurants surrounding the Museum.

I saw the owner sitting there, drinking his coffee. He’s korean 😁 obviously 🤪
I ate at “kaon ta BESH.” Kuya and family’s very accomodating. They’re open early and P119 combo meal was the best! 🥳

P 119 for already 3 pcs chicken with Drinks, rice and Fries!!! I mean look at that 🥳

Oops! Can you see that too? 4+1bucket for only P279.00
Yumyum!🥳 So worth it guys!!!

2 hours well spent in that place. I had so much fun!!! Like I want more!!! I crave more!!! I can feel the itch of getting things done more!!! I am so excited.

When it comes to art, I am a loyal fan. It’s just very beautiful and so refreshing. I love creativity and skills and passion. It’s so precious to me!! Until next time Cebu Museum in Cordova!

Love is a miracle 🥳

Up next! “White Mansion” in Mactan!! I love art, I want to see that white illusions full of flowers. OMG! Can’t wait to see it. I am just so thrilled..

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