Narcissistic Mother

Oh well, this is so true for me! Thanks Doc.

My mother is so like that and I’m so scared I might become. I am full of shame with my truth and how she treated me, but she still have the guts to question what I know about her.

I can still remember how she asked me “Where is your mother?” And put me to so much doubt about myself when she asked, ” Are you really beautiful?” She even bullied me for getting what I want.

Oh well, no matter how hard I will talk about her, she will just deny us. But I think that’s better. We will be able to move forward. But right now I enjoyed being a narcissist to them. I hope they will see who they are through me.

But nah, not too much though, I am still in control. I am so lucky to have good friends around who will always remind me of good values, professionalism and above all being spiritual.

At the back of my head, I am just like her, but I am so good at doing the right thing and assessing my thoughts and my emotions. This is called self therapy. I can be a good therapist. I hope one day I’d finally be able to decide whether to pursue it or not.

At least now I know that someone knew exactly how I felt and how I am being treated. Things I couldn’t even dare too share, too scared to be right. But then again, the truth will set us free. It’s the first step in dealing with our narcissistic Mother and a narcissistic self.

Hope all is well with you all. Fighting! Fighting to be good all the time. 💜 That’s why I love BTS, they’re just so precious to me. Thanks BTS! Thanks all behind BTS. Thanks much! Just thank you! Fighting with our mental health.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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