You just need a checklist; here’s why

Lately, I have been revisiting the situations I got in, regarding my previous decisions; that involves, not seeing or just ignoring something I couldn’t see; I figured out what happened.

Using the Why2x analysis, I was able to identify the thought that triggered my fear of not seeing it. There’s something I don’t want to see.

Why did I choose the wrong decision?

  • I was asking to “What-if” this one is going to happen again?

Why did you ask yourself “What if?”

  • I was not fully present, I am still stocked in the past thoughts; which causes doubts and confusion.

Why weren’t you present?

  • I was too excited that I forgot what needs to be done.

Why were you so excited?

  • I was quick and in the momentum that I did not remember the things I must do and bring first.

Why did you not remember it?

  • I didn’t have a checklist.

Solution to my problems:

Make a list of the things you have to do, before you start. It’s like a map, create your own map; put your plan in papers.

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