Pain, makes me powerful. It ignites me, to learn fast and win

Whenever I’m hurt, I am transformed into someone new, stronger than I was before.

My pain, encourages me to do more, to achieve more, to show my worth and my value.

I recently liked someone, younger than me; everytime I got ignored, I can feel the pain, and it hurts.

One day, he made me feel worthless; comparing me to others; choosing others over me.

Choosing others, who are mean to me; jealous, insecure, and not really seeing my best, but all my worst; making my self esteem, at low.

Just like how my mother always made me feel, inexistent; so are they. There are nice people around, new connections, better than them; so I can differentiate the average from the above average.

I don’t really know them, nor they knew me at my best, because I don’t share too much good things in me; although, I practice vulnerability and authenticity to find the right people.

This time, I have to say NO. I deserve a better environment, better connections; empathetic people, not just the gossipers, who roam earth, just to find faults at everyone’s success.

There words, so mean; just like my mother; and since I came from her; so I attract people like them. They act as if you’re nothing without them; but the truth, I am so much better without them.

All these pains, doesn’t all come from me; but to all my haters, I would say, “Let’s see.” Give me time to show you, and I can do it, by letting you go.

Let me show you a glimpse of the beautiful journey, ahead. Without their judgements, I wouldn’t be able to see, the best in me; without them hurting me, I wouldn’t have dared to show my best.

Oh, I have all the first time experiences; which added to someone else’s success and I am so proud of it.

  1. Videography.

I was invited in the evening, through chat; I read, and agreed in the morning. I studied how to take a good one, through YouTube.

I was informed, there was already somebody to take for them; but I really wanted to see them perform, I was also going for my weekly jogging session, I took the opportunity and had fun.

To my surprise, I cared and got so excited to assist them; I said, “I wouldn’t” but they were so open, and allowing me in; so I did it anyway. I love their energy, and I stayed all the way.

I didn’t know how to use the camera, but I did not hesitate to ask; with the grand champions help, I was able to navigate. The couples were powerful, it transforms!

It was so hot, but it was all worth it, because it started with a Grace. I got to see, beauty, in those people they thought were enemies. I was so blessed, because I learned.

I was scheduled to take the seminar for Canada on the afternoon; but I was already weak, and decided to stay with them. I know how it felt like to be abandoned.

With all our hopes, joy and fun; we all win!

While others, doubted me; someone else’s, believed in me. I was able to make it, because there is one or two; who believes and they are worth treasuring. Oh, I realized, there’s two other. We are 5! We are more! I am proud to have met them.

Credit to: Abellana Sports Complex

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