Insisting (take what resonates)

I am no longer insisting, I will start listening.

I have finally accepted the choice you have made.

I will be respecting you now because I am getting older now.

I hope you will be given some guidance to listen to your own intuition.

I am going to give up, not because I am losing but because I am winning.

It’s time to focus in what I want instead of those that I don’t want because it attracts me and it will never go away.

I was already changed back to the real me. I have become authentic and I will always be real.

Even if I have to face my shame of being abandoned, blamed, and disrespected.

I am not recognized, I was being denied.

No matter what I do, I will no longer win.

I am not expecting anything, but I will keep it open.

I am going to try the other way around because I have tried focusing on “I don’t want to.”

Now I will focus on what I want. I want to move on away from these people. That’s what I want because I have already given up the fantasy I was living at.

I thought I was still being considered, but I know I’m just being bullied.

The urgency and the threat that they’re acting upon, made me feel so scared hiding behind their walls.

I am scared of them dying, but I am already accepting that people will really die even if nobody wants them to.

My pets died fighting on their life. They didn’t surrender to the truth and trust that they will be healed.

They kept on healing even if all they need is relaxing. They must also stay still and keep their hearts open.

It’s time to accept the love that you’ve been given. It’s time to accept people’s death even if it’s not their time yet.

People will die anyway, in their own time. Just like I will succeed anyway in my own time.

I will be successful in all my ways, I will be happy in all my journeys.

Even if people is dying, I will take on

the right journey because they’re dying anyway.

I must realize this, that I am living now because I am blessed. It is time to give back to those people who are in need.

It’s time to heal those people who are believing. I know I am a little sick of this feeling abandoned.

Rejected and bullied, unattended and unacknowledge. I have been used for their own craziness instead of their own diligence.

I will be okay, to help them a little way even if it means they’re doing the wrong way. I am happy. I will be happy. I will always be happy.

I want to have that community, I want to have that same room. I want to succeed abs become successful.

I want to be with my community, I want to be of help to them. I want to be abundant, I want to be sharing to my real family.

I want to give back to them while they’re here an living. Even if they don’t want to accept it, I will find another way to help them in my own little way.

I think that will be fine, I’ll make it so irresistible for them to say no. I know what they need, they will no longer say no.

I with be helping them in my own little way. I will no longer stop them if they will choose their own way.

I am no longer living with them because I have decided to make my own house to stay.

I will be successful in all my way. Even if they keep reprimanding me although I have already done it, just to make me feel like I am still the same.

But they will see the change by the way I answer. I will show them I am real, I am capable, I an better, not the cripple that she thought I am.

I will keep going on my journey, otherwise she will win again, against me. In this house I am a little me, but outside I will show the real me.

I have to do it secretly, so that nobody will stop my way. They will only know that I have when it’s already over that there’s no way they can stop it any longer.

When someone is pregnant, it has to be kept hidden for it to remain healthy. There are others who wants to harm my way. But I will not let them know it until I already have it.

I have already accepted, I couldn’t change it. It’s her choice, it’s nobody’s choice. Even if she will fail in the end, it’s not my pain, I have already done my everything, I have showed them my feeling, but they’re still not listening.

So now is the time to keep my heart winning. Now is the time to keep myself moving. Now is the time to stop caring, because there’s nothing I can do if they don’t want to.

It’s up to them now, I am no longer stepping their decisions now. It’s up to them now if they’ll decide to do whatever they want.

If they’ll ask my advise I will no longer forced it to them, it will be their choice now, no matter how much I care and how much desperately I want to help them.

I will only speak a little, but I will no longer hold it longer. I will walk away from evil and follow the lord where peace resides.

I will walk on his way, I must save myself now. This is my time to keep my life going. I will no longer educate them. I have done my part, I hope they’re listening.

Up to them now, I’m on my way to receiving love from above. I’m on my way to the other journey. I will be protecting those people who are trying to help me. That’s all I can do instead of buying from the drama that’s no longer serving me.

I always know it’s not going to be helping me, so I’ll do it my way. I will no longer care about them too because they’re already adult they knew what to say, they knew what they’re doing, they have planned behind it. I am no longer going to be hypnotized.

It is time to go on my own even if they will keep telling lies about me. Even if they will keep hitting me with their words and their acts, that wouldn’t affect me, because I know it’s just a movie that they want to show me.

They really though I am still their victim, least the knew I’m already growing. Any acts will no longer work on me. Maybe you will wake up right after dying. Maybe you will. Maybe.

Who knows, who cares. I have already cared so much, but none of them seems to matter. I better listen to me now, just me.

I want them to see the differences between me and them. I want them to see the community I have created. I want them to see the new me. I want them to see the grown up me.

I am better with friends, always better with them, always better with them. Who else will help me anyway but them. For sure I will be volunteering and helping the team.

Atleast I have spent my life useful to the people around. At least I have been valued a little, of my work instead of being taken for granted, just because they have paid for me.

The same as, I will remember the help they have given me. I will only take the lesson that my observation have taught me. I have to trust myself because I know the best, even if they’ll try manipulating me, they can no longer do it.

I will make myself trustworthy, me and me only. I will make my name big and visible, I will trust my way. I have everything I need mind body and soul. They cannot belittle me.

Try to background check me and the performance I have made. I deserve to be the best not the least. I deserve to grow. I deserve to be developed. I deserved to be loved, I deserved to be accepted

I am taking on my Tesda skill, relating to finance, soon as I will receive my first salary. Then I will keep going on and on, the angels will defend me. Because they knew I am doing it to expand my community. Soon, very soon. I will be visiting that IT park Tesda Place to get that skill done.

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