Back to you, self💗

I’m not sure what this is, but people ain’t have time for me, I’m happy because I finally have time for me.

Life is an adventure, love is spice that makes it feel even more exciting. To go on your own is brave but to be with someone is the bravest.

It felt unsafe to be with someone but its pleasure is worth the risk. But because you are strong, you can do it on your own.

You have been rejected so many times, yet you remain happy and sad like it’s not really a big deal. Your heart aches, but you manage to breathe.

I’m glad of you self for being so resilient. You deserve a love more than the best. You can be on your own, just be you. You’re fine.

I remember a friend who once told me “You’re fine” and it’s the best word I have ever heard of. I hope to meet him again, I’m done chasing.

I hate it that I’m not being acknowledged. My presence being taken advantaged. Yet it’s my fault why I am doing this, obsession sucks I know it is!

Love hates, love gets sad, love tolerate but it cannot ignore. I used to be strong, but now I’m weak. But in you my dude 😎 I’m so hoping.

For now let’s be single, waiting for him; hope you’re coming, because I am going, wherever my feet takes me; I’m on your way.

I feel so bad, very very bad, I hold on to a thought which was never real; I thought it was love, no it was just an obsession.

It’s time to wrap it up coz I’m going to follow my heart. I knew I have been crazy these past few days already. It’s time to cut it off, because it’s embarrassing already.

I gotta go find another obsession, a drive that will bring me high. I want to let go, I’m ready to. Wherever my feet brings me, I’ll just be with you.

Yet my heart longs for someone, attention, deprived by many. They have the right, who am I to them. If they can , I can. I know it’s hard.

It was a beautiful birthday. I feel blessed, greeted and loved. Yet it’s time to take a leap, to thank and be blessed. No more chasing, simply being.

Something’s not working, let’s find a way out here. What should I do to connect with him again. Maybe I should stay quiet and silent for a bit.

But I couldn’t help it, my hands want to initiate, it’s crazy, you’re kidding me. I’d be focusing the other way, the way I was, my way of life.

Maybe let go of the times I thought was right. Maybe let go of my desires that’s no longer right. Back to love, back to life, and back to my self.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: RMI PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me 😂 I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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