Not all rejections are negative. Sometimes, it means you’re overqualified.

“Let go of the things that weigh you down; including thoughts about people who are often against your ideas; because who are they in this BIG Universe to make you feel unheard.”

Sometimes, when we want to help, because we knew what is best; even if it’s hard; we became the bad girl/boy. Even if you can see, what’s going to happen next, and it’s real.

When you feel down, everytime someone turns you down; simply ignore them, coz they cannot see the BIG Picture. There are things you can that others can’t. Sometimes, you just have to let them go and move on with your personal life.

Here’s my story:

I used to care a lot, I used to worry a lot; I stopped everything out of fear. Everytime there is something new, I’d overreact and complain a lot; in short, I am close-minded and judgemental.

As I am growing up, I realized that whining doesn’t make me heard; I have to be quiet, be gone, move on; and just let people find me.

But in order for me to be taken seriously; I must do something on my own that will help them see what I can do better if they just listened.

So, I ended up listening to my own advises. In the end of the day, “I did my part,” that’s what matters. If they’re not listening, then it’s none of my business. It is their choices.

Overthinking doesn’t make me happy; it makes me feel exhausted. Besides, if it’s meant to be, it’s going to happen anyway; maybe not today, but surely it will. So, just move on, and apply your ideas somewhere else.

It doesn’t make you the worse, it’s just that your ideas are too hard to achieve. If not heard there, maybe others will and can implement it. Rejection doesn’t mean you are worst; it only means, you are overqualified.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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