Just do it

We went to Anjo world for the second time! My goal was to experience Gliding in the ice inside the Snow world.

There were bad revie hiws but it doesn’t matter to me because it is my goal and it is the experience that counts.

I still went. Despite the fact that I’ll have to be in a separate direction as others. In the end, we have reunited in the fairy’s wheel ride.

We had so much fun, shouting, eating and playing the bump car. Although we weren’t able ride the free-fall and the boomerang. We will definitely return.

I am personally feeling so relieved and accomplished that I have allowed myself to glide in the ice. I had a very good moment inside too.

Feeling the cold weather, sitting in the bench. I hope cameras allowed inside. I could have taken so much selfies but I will definitely take a copy of their shots next time.

A quick glance of me on my way in, just outside the SnowWorld door.

The most unforgettable moments are the times that I was having fun, falling was funny. It was so enjoyable! I am so happy to be inside.

The bump car was also amazing! Although I struggled on how to make it work. I kept getting stucked at the edge of the corner, but as I kept on trying and with the help of my friends, I got it right.

It looked like that. I did took a video of me and friends too but it wasn’t so good.

Anyways, the overall experience was amazing! So if you really really want something, just do it! Don’t let others discourage you because it may or may not be applicable to you.

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