Knowing your next direction is a must but deciding quickly to change is a saver

I was at a restaurant falling in line to get my order, that includes a hot chocolate in a mug. I was not aware which tables did my colleagues settled in.

I claimed my order; now I face right, instead of left. There was a lady, getting really excited— probably seeing her long lost friend— bumped my food-tray.

What happened next? The hot chocolate spilled over the chair and the table I was standing next, but the good thing is, I was able to save the glass from breaking which was remarkable.

I did not overreact, because I saw that I was fine, and she was fine too. She said sorry and offered to pay for it, but I said “No, it’s okay,” then I reordered. I was glad she was fine.

I just have to pay more and it was not a big deal; I want the hot chocolate. I shared it with colleagues, they asked if I’m fine, and I felt great because they asked.

Later on, a lady approached me and gave me a sundae. Oh! It was amazing and so cute of her. It felt great. I learned from her. I would do the same but I’m so happy for that smaller act of friendly offer.

In every situation, there is a lesson I can learn. If I checked first, where to sit; or where I’m going next, I would have faced to my left side. But then again, nothing worst happened.

I was just stocked in a moment, until she bumped me, then I saw them on the other side. Some accidents were meant to happen, to direct you to the right direction.

I was again inexistent that time, I did not look left after finding out they’re not on the right side. I stayed stocked instead of automatically moving on to the other direction after finding out , “they’re not there”.

Decide to change now, instead of staying stocked in a situation in which you can actually move on by being alert, and quick in changing to the right direction.

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