Evening Well Spent, Watching Avatar with them

Christmas, is this time of the year where celebrating with family is a must. We can be celebrating this anytime of the year, but due to our busy schedules, some couldn’t. But this year 2022, I have celebrated it with good people I have also met this year. I am blessed to have met suchContinue reading “Evening Well Spent, Watching Avatar with them”

If you can forgive, you can let go. Hello! It’s Christmas!

May this Christmas brings you joy, love, appreciation, new opportunities, new experiences; and above all, new love, fresh from the start. May we start forgiving so we can let go of our grudges; only then, we can be happiest. Life is full of surprises; it is when you accept failures, mistakes, lacks, etc.; that weContinue reading “If you can forgive, you can let go. Hello! It’s Christmas!”