This will convince you to start writing now

Writing is therapeutic, it will help you be open, build courage; process your thoughts and most importantly, organized it. Although, even that is also a process, you just have to trust it. The only reason why I don’t write a lot, is because, I decide not to. I choose to procrastinate instead of doing somethingContinue reading “This will convince you to start writing now”

Emotionally Free

“Fear cannot win against fear; expecting to win while fighting with fear is like expecting to be in peace while fighting in anger.” Ah, I’m not sure if I said it correctly, but my point is that.. “You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking you’re using when you created it.” Whose this quote?Continue reading “Emotionally Free”

Change, don’t stop 🛑

“The power you used before is the the same power you’re using right now; can you see the difference?” Sometimes, all we truly need is the right direction to push forward without straining a muscle. Oh that gut feeling is always right. When you feel like standing up because it felt like it’s time toContinue reading “Change, don’t stop 🛑”

The purpose

“The only time you can go faster is right after slowing down.” -Me 😁 Meditation gives me life since 2016. I was 22 when I quit my Job as an accounts payable staff (oh I did practice my accounting side for a year). I was in a relationship while I quit and became his partnerContinue reading “The purpose”

Forgive your self instead

“Saying sorry is an old thing; we can always say sorry and will still do the same mistake again; but thanking is seeing the lesson and forgiving yourself for the trespasses you have done.” I realized that karma is real. Now I can see myself in others shoes, so I can understand why a certainContinue reading “Forgive your self instead”

High School Family

Enrolling myself in Grade 5 was a turning point for me. I have never expected meeting such caring teachers who considered me as their own. My school teachers have been my parents ever since I started schooling. They were kind, they’re not biased, never ever made me feel like an outcast even if I onlyContinue reading “High School Family”

Monday Motivation

I went for a 5:00 AM walk today and captured the best moments of it. Enjoy and be happy you’ve come this far, it’s August 2021 waving! Ya’ll accept change coz it’s the only thing that’s constant. Resisting it will only keep you behind. Letting go of ego will unstuck you from the past. NoContinue reading “Monday Motivation”

Tree of Life

“Be the person you want others to be unto you.” So far, I am convinced that most of the emotional problems adults face rooted from their childhood upbringings. So if we want change, we must start from the very beginning. I told myself, there’s nothing else to lose but my habit of running away fromContinue reading “Tree of Life”

Start looking up, stop looking down

Hey, did you know? What you focus on will attract more of it? If I were you, I’ll focus on the good side of everything while acknowledging the existence of the other side. Sometimes, no not sometimes, it is my default reaction to look down to myself and others that I do not like; soContinue reading “Start looking up, stop looking down”

I believe in the impossibilities

Something unexpected happened again today! I mean this month! Something I only pray of achieving and has been granted. Prayer worked magic to those who believe and those who kept on trying to believe until they’re able to connect to the universe, then our prayers are being manifested. If little things happened simply because IContinue reading “I believe in the impossibilities”